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Case Study

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Semantic Web Innovation for Garlik

Project is a response to the need arising from the development of web technologies and thereby aimed at protecting personal data and the identity of the Internet users. Electronic Identity Protection Platform is used in the following operations:

  •   electronic payment instruments,
  •   personaldata protection services,
  •   bank customer service,
  •   Insurance companies,
  •   Internet providers.

Software Mind was the primary technology supplier for Garlik. Identity theft (the unlawful impersonation of someone else's personal details) is the fastest growing type of crime in countries such as Great Britain or the USA. In response to this threat, Garlik introduced new Data Patrol Advanced service. It involves searching millions of web pages to find user sensitive personal data (i.e. creditcard numbers, social security number,residence address etc.).Services offered byGarlik are the first offer of this sort worldwide, aimed at countering the rising wave of electronic identity theft and use for financial fraud.

Software Mind engineers were the first in the world to have created a solution allowing commercial use of semantic technology to process millions of pieces of data stored onthe Internet. So far, this type of solutions have been studied and developed in university laboratories on a small scale (order of tens of records). Software Mind innovative product allowed the use of this technology in the real, business project (operating on hundreds of thousands of records).

Software Mind used the following Semantic Web standards: RDF, ontologie OWL, RDQL, SPARQL.


The company Garlik, in cooperation with Software Mind, has launched a newservice for verification and protection of Internet users’ electronic identities–DataPatrol Advanced,which is nowits main source of revenue. The Data Patrol solution has received two prestigious awards:

  • The BT Flagship Award 
  • and the Web Based Technology Project Award, awarded by the British Computer Society.

Data Patrol Advanced has been prepared with the use of the Semantic Web innovative technology and natural language processing tools. The application of these tools allows intelligent combination and data processing in such a ways to identify its meaning.  The solution applied allows searching web resources and their processing simultaneously.

Due to the large scale of activity the combination of both processes was a considerable element of theproject. According to the Software Mind and Garlik experts, Data Patrol Advanced will revolutionize the analysis of data sets, importance of the information collected, drawing conclusions and intuitive data presentation and its relationship.



Implementation of researchand solution prototype forcollecting data of natural persons and organizationsfrom various publicly available sourcesin ordertocreate personal semantic base and relationshipsbetween people.Web pages constituted the main source.


  • determination of of potentialdatasources
  • feasibility studies and evaluation of available technologies
  • co-operation with leading academic researchers occupied with Semantic Web and natural language processing: University of Southampton and University of Sheffield
  • building the Internet harvesting system
  • creating semanticdatabase prototype
  • creating interfaceprototype for personaldata search engine
  • creating ontology todescribe knowledge aboutpeople

Beta Phase

Creation of fully scalable semantic data base of people and service allowing users to monitor their data published in different sources. Exploration of potential solutions and ideas. Carrying out beta testing of the system. Unique systems of data scattered collection from the Internet, massive natural language processing and large scale data mining were developed in this project.


  • requirements analysis based on comments provided by users
  • research
  • system designing including the development of ontology
  • implementation 
  • testing and quality control
  • supervision of implementation andoperation of implemented systems
  • monitoring of the results obtained,proposing methods of their improvement

Data Patrol Advanced

Product preparation and its commercial launch. DataPatrol Advancedis a tool allowing ordinary peopleto find outwhat is available aboutthem in the digitalworld.For the DataPatrol subscribers, Garlik browses through4billion web pages, credit data,commercially available databases such as Companies House,voters registers, birth, marriage and death registers, and others. The information found is presented in the easy-to-understand form of reports.DataPatrol Advanced includes explanations concerning the threatresulting from disclosure of such information and the risk of identitytheft.

DataPatrol Advanced is technologically based on systems developed during the Beta phase.Software Mind has been continuously developing all the components in order to increase their functionality, performanceand resistance to failure. Date Patrol service has been made available toconsumers in the UK marketand is still being improved.Data Patrol is also offered tocorporate clients (banks, insurance companies, portals)for their retail customers.


  •   requirements analysis based on comments provided by users
  •   research
  •   system designing including the development of ontology
  •   Implementation
  •   testing and quality control
  •   Supervision of implementation and operation of implemented systems
  •   Monitoring of the results obtained, proposing methods of their improvement


Tom Ilube, Chief Executive of Garlik:

The high quality and flexible production process that Software Mind employs make it possible to organise projects in a manner that allows dynamic adjustment of the solution built to the changing conditions and requirements. Thanks to using Software Mind's professional services we were able to develop quickly and later expand the team, bringing in top-class specialists with the broad range of skills and competences required in the innovative projects. Effective project management and remote working experience has also allowed us to take advantage of the cost savings that outsourcing provides versus inhouse project teams.

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